Oh this photo!

It shows me on a random day off where I decided to dress up nicely and do my hair and makeup. Rosie was looking adorable in pigtails and representing Grand Rapids, MI on her onesie. We stepped outside for my husband to take our photo and she suddenly wanted nothing to do with being held. After wrassling her sideways (hilarious out-take photos!) I finally mom-handled her with one arm and this is the photo we got.

And I love it. This is #momlife at it's finest!

We never did re-try a photoshoot in this dress (last seen here). I shrugged when Abe asked if I was ever gonna blog again. I rarely think about my personal fashion choices these days. (I have been sticking to my minimal closet pieces all summer and feeling good about it.) I don't even read a quarter of the blogs like I used to. I just don't feel like looking at someone else's perfectly curated and sponsored life. I have been all up in the Snapchattin and Instagrammin game though! That's a bit more my jam these days.

Signing off, who knows when I'll be back...

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