Being a Mum

Oh my! It has been ages since I thought about this little corner of the internet that I call "my blog."  I had no idea that motherhood would change me so much. I absolutely adore my sweet and funny Rosie girl. I find my thoughts are constantly on ways to teach her, to play with her, what to feed her, how to console her, etc. I no longer spend countless hours on Pinterest or fashion blogs. I no longer shop for clothes or shoes or accessories for myself! The most recent purchases for myself were guided by my husband who basically forced me to splurge a little and treat myself. It's not that I no longer care about my looks, I still care quite a lot. I just don't care as much.

I found the ideas of "capsule wardrobes" exciting. Plus with this new motherhood thing, I find that I am most likely to wear the same 4 outfits all season long anyway just because they are easy and comfortable and Rosie doesn't pull or fuss with "plain" tops or sweaters. I made the mistake of wearing a top with beaded embellishments on it and she was incessantly trying to pull them off and stuff them in her mouth. I began dressing for two when I was pregnant, and I am still in a similar position where I have to think about her before I decide what to buy, what to wear, how to style it.

Then there is the dreaded baby weight. Ugh. I was not a #fitmom when I was pregnant. I was working full time, and when I wasn't working I was tired and just wanted to rest. Abe and I did walk, like all the time, because that what we did for fun. But I put on excess weight with the baby and I still don't fell comfortable in my new mommy size. I was vegan up until the 2nd trimester or so and I think that's when all hell and belt buckles broke loose. Now that lil Rosie is 9 months old, I am finally ready to explore returning to vegan again. We currently eat too much pizza, I eat too many sweets. When I was vegan, I had much better self-control. Abe doesn't love it, he'll not be vegan with me. So there's the cooking and meal prep that I'll have to get back into. Rosie is such a fuss bucket sometimes. She is super curious and wants to be where the action is and it's truly wonderful, but I would love to say I can put her down in the room next to the kitchen and she'll play contently while I whip up a fantastic dinner of legumes and leafy greens. NOPE! She favors me so much that it's apparent to Abe that she wants me over him. So I'll be the one to occupy her and he'll be the one to cook. Gosh I can't wait to get back into cooking! Now that she is eating solids, I can set her in her highchair with something to nibble on and actually get some housework done. Usually it's just dishes and tidying up, but I'm making progress!

I went part-time at work to spend more time with my family. The days fly by so quickly and I can't believe I'm already thinking about her birthday at the end of March. We moved to Michigan in August and I am so excited that Rosie's grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc are able to have a relationship with her and will be there to celebrate her first birthday. Abe and I used to be quite content as just the two of us, but when baby makes three, one realizes that it really does take a village to raise a child.

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  1. Congratulations you two!! So happy for you and she already is almost one. Isn't motherhood wonderful and consuming all at the same time. Enjoy every stage of it.