Now My Life is Rosie

Announcing the arrival of our sweet baby! On March 31st, my water broke at home and after an uncomplicated delivery at the hospital, we welcomed our DAUGHTER, Rosalina Bettye!

If you are following along, you'll know that my husband and I decided to be surprised with the sex of our baby. We were thrilled to learn our baby was a girl as she emerged and breathed her first breaths. I was actually the one to announce her gender because I looked down just as she came out and I was so shocked and emotional. I believe my words were, "Oh my gosh! It's a girl!!"

We've been living in a cozy little bubble since her arrival 2 weeks ago. My sister was able to visit us in the hospital on Rosie's birth day and we had a few visitors to our home, but it's been so nice being just the three of us. (Four if you count our lil Molly kitty who is adjusting very well to the newest addition to the household).



  1. Such a beautiful child and parents. I love you all!

  2. She is so precious! Congratulations! I love her name, too; it's so beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Congratulations!

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