Overdue: Pregnancy Update

Can you believe it's been 2 months since my last blog post? A lot has changed! And can you believe I am still pregnant?! My due date has come and gone and this little pumpkin is still baking in my oven. I am only 2 days overdue, but it feels like an eternity that I've been pregnant!

Here's my final pregnancy update. My next post will feature our sweet little one!

How far along: 40 weeks, 2 days
Total weight gain:  a whopping 50 lbs! Eek!
Maternity clothes: I’m living in yoga leggings and dresses lately, the less belly binding the better.
Stretch marks: They have arrived. I had some on my hips from puberty, so the new ones are on my lower belly and are small.
Sleep: Insomnia and I are good friends. I get up every 2 hrs to pee, then halfway through the night I wake up starving and can’t go back to sleep until I have a snack, and then still I’m awake for 3 hours in the middle of the night until I get tired again.
Best moment of this month: Finding out from the doctor that I am dilating and thinning and baby will be here any day now! (Although, this news came 10 days ago… still waiting!)
Miss anything: My skinny jeans and heels! Thought I’d say wine again? I had a small glass of red last night in hopes of inducing baby. It was so nice!
Movement: Baby has been head down for a few weeks now, so I feel its butt at my upper belly all the time. I haven’t had kicks in the ribs, but I do get bladder punches! Wowza!
Food cravings: Tortilla chips. I could eat them daily as nachos, chips and quac, chips and salsa, plain…. You get me.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Too much dairy makes me feel gross. So I don’t go overboard on cheese or ice cream.
Have you started to show yet: Oh what a funny question! Passers-by are constantly asking when I’m due, what sex the baby is, and giving me tips and advice. Thankfully no strangers have tried to rub my belly!
Gender: Still don’t know! Coworkers usually guess boy, family has been guessing girl. We’ll see!
Labor signs: Every day for the last 10 days or so I have been having mild to moderate contractions. Last Friday I was certain I was in labor until I laid down to rest and all contractions ceased. My poor husband is almost as anxious as me for the real thing to happen!
Belly button in or out: Does flat count as innie still?
Wedding rings on or off: Finally had to take them off. The wedding and engagement rings together stopped fitting about 8 weeks ago so I would wear just my wedding band. But I had to finally put that in my jewelry box a few weeks ago and replace it with a ring I normally wear on my right hand.
Happy or moody most of the time: I’d say I’m still happy. Although with some of the movies I’ve been watching lately I have been teary. I just want baby to just get here already!
Looking forward to: Freaking labor! I have never wanted pain so badly. I welcome the contractions even. Bring it on!

Papa and Mama, I'm 39 weeks here.

Taken yesterday, 40 weeks 1 day.


  1. Even though I want there to finallyyyy be a girl (belly tells me otherwise), I'll still be happy with another rowdy boy because then you'll still want to play dress up! With me. :D

  2. You are such a beautiful pregnant woman! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've commented (life has been CRAZY) but I am hoping that the baby has arrived and you are well! (I vote boy. ;) )

  3. I'm guessing that by now your little one is here :) Can't wait to see pictures!