Oh this dress, how I have a love/hate relationship with it! It wrinkles like no ones business and it has about a half-a-million hooks to close it up the front that are super time consuming!

I bought it last summer but never wore it because I was 15lbs heavier and was not as confident with my body. Now it's a little loose around the middle when I finally feel good about myself! And it's one of those colors that makes me look mega pale.

But I love the flowy drape, the corset style back, the cute tab sleeves, and I kinda like the hooks.

It was the perfect dress to year yesterday to feel like a lady again. I've been slacking on the whole getting-dressed thing and have been wearing the same old jeans and tees on my days off. That's what working the night shift does to me! And that's about it for this post, I try to at least show my face once a month ;) Next week, my hubby and sister and I are driving to Michigan to visit our parents and friends and families. I can not wait!

Dress: KarmaLoop (old)
Headband: Forever 21
Bracelet: Lulu's
Heels: Guess


  1. Love these pictures, really lovely dress. Now following you.


  2. I have so many items like that...I love them but the wrinkle so easily which makes me kind of hate them but still mostly love them! I'm actually wearing a pair of shorts like that today :) Have fun on your trip to Michigan!


  3. Such a cute dress!!!!

    Will you visit my blog sometime?? Maybe we can keep in touch!!!


  4. That dress looks gorgeous on you! I love the way it drapes, and it's so ladylike and beautiful! I also adore your bracelet. So, so pretty!