C = Crystal Caves

Our third year as husband and wife: 2011. We hit a financial bump this year, so we were going to have C stand for Cheap. But I knew I'd cry a little (or a lot) if we didn't celebrate in a way that I felt proper.

We ending up finding a local attraction about an hour away called Crystal Caves in Kutztown, PA. It had a neat little guided tour of the chilly caves. I work a thrifted dress and a sweater from NY&Co because the temperature gets into the 50's once inside the cave. We saw stalagmites that looked like dinosaurs (see above!) and stalactites that resembled ice cream cones. (I may have got that backwards, but you catch my drift.)

I think my favorite part was the gift shop. Abe and I bought matching Copper rings (another C! I was thrilled) and then we splurged and purchased a large fossil for our home. I also got a pink quartz pendant necklace.

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I'll have the final part of the countdown to our anniversary on Friday with how we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.


  1. How fun! What a fun (and cheap!) way to celebrate your anniversary :)

  2. What a great idea for an anniversary celebration! Looks like fun!


  3. you are a absolutely cute couple! :)