Just Add Fringe

I mentioned a lil while back that my hubby Abe and I moved into an apartment that is closer to my job and makes my commute a little more like a hop as opposed to a hop, skip, and jump. Within the first couple weeks at our new place, we were bombarded with flyers and other random junk mail "welcoming" us to the neighborhood. It was their way of saying "Hey! Buy pizza and subs and Chinese food and dry cleaning and pet supplies and carpet cleaning and beer, etc from us!" The one good flyer was from Burlington Coat Factory. I guess it was only kinda good. They welcomed us by inviting us to shop there and get 10% off one item.

Now I will probably never, ever again step foot inside that store. (Unless I get another coupon...) But I went to see what they had and found this lovely maxi dress. I took a gamble and bought it without trying it on. When I got home, I was disappointed to find that the bodice was too big and the arm holes were huge and droopy! I fixed the problem by shortening the front of the dress' straps. And adding fringe. I had some left over from a flapper dress I had made back in 2010!

I wore my trusty DIY backless bra with this dress and with my new alterations, the bra was hidden nicely. Now I've got a sassy new dress to wear just in time for the summer heat to return! Can't wait to get a tan line~

Dress: Burlington Coat Factory (w/  DIY fringe)
Belt: Old Navy
Sandals: Bandolino via TJ Maxx


  1. Pretty dress!


  2. Babe, I'm so in love with your style! You´re definitely an amazing blogger. All your looks are simply wild and perfect! love every piece of your clothes. You´re so sweet with the fringe on your dress!

    ;) xoxo

  3. This dress is gorgeous! I love the back, it just makes it that much cuter :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. I love the cutout in the back!


  5. your maxi dress is perfect! I love the cutout in the back as well :)


  6. this dress is wonderful! and the photos are so cool *_* <3

  7. Super cute dress, it is gorgeous!


  8. you look gorgeous in this dress! what a great hi-low dress!


    Erin @ http://www.truffles-ruffles.com/

  9. So clever......it looks beautiful, a true original! Love you to check out my blog xx

  10. Man I love that dress. And the back. Lovely. I wish I could alter like you :)

  11. Now this is a gorgeous summer dress!! And it looks beautiful on you :) I will have to try your DIY backless bra project, I can't think of anything better for all the trendy back-less tops for summer. Following you!

    Ginger @ Chic by Night