Spring Rain

How to Dress if it Might Rain:
  • Sleeves (ie. jacket) are must. It's usually windy and I chill easily. Trenches are made for rain. Durrr
  • Also jeans. But I hate wearing jeans when it rains because then my pant legs get soaked from touching the ground... I solved that by cuffing my jeans up above my ankles. 
  • Hair: I obvs can't wear my hair down if it's rainy and windy. High bun it up.
  • Make up: Nothing is hotter than a fashionista with mascara running down her cheeks. Skip it. Play up the eyes with eyeshadows that won't run. And then wear glasses instead of contacts to protect your eyes from rain drops. Also it's harder to see in the rain, so I had to wear my glasses to help me see anyways.
  • As for feets... well I could have worn boots, but at this point in my day it wasn't even raining yet. So I wore my Converses sans socks.Must buy cute rain boots...
  • Don't forget an umbrella like I did! Ended up starting to pour as I was taking my last photos so I snapped my last shot under my trench and then ran for cover!

Trench: Nicole Miller for JCP (old)
Shirt: Francesca's
Jeans: Old Navy
Clutch: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx
Shoes: Converse via Target


  1. That trench coat is really pretty! I love classic macs and trenches! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more :) :)


  2. I was wondering where your umbrella was and then I saw that you forgot it! It's so hard to dress cute when the weather is crappy, but you did a great job. :)


  3. Great look =)


  4. Super fun post and I am loving this look - the trench, the bag, the glasses! Fabulous

  5. I've been waiting for it to rain here so I can bring out my trench coat but it hasn't. There were not April showers.


  6. You are so practical! I like to wear my hair in a high bun when it rains too - my hair gets so frizzy. But no glasses - rain gets on glasses lol, at least it does for me.

    also thanks for stopping by :)


  7. I love your trench coat,especially its inner floral pattern:)

    Wanna follow each other?Pls let me know.
    Love from
    Forever Beauties

  8. I just love that coat! And I normally wear boots with a small heel or rain boots. It rains a lot in Cleveland...so I keep an umbrella with me 24/7 :(


  9. You look so cute, like you just came from Brooklyn! :)