Apple Blossom Dreams

After seeing Tieka's beautiful photos from my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI on Wednesday, I really wanted to take my photos amongst some apple blossoms. Alas, I was too late. The fruit trees at this little orchard had already bloomed and the petals have blown away.

I settled for these vibrant green peach trees as my backdrop. I think it looks perfect with all the shades of green in my outfit. Wanna know a secret? My skirt is just two scarves tied together at my waist! 

Funny fashion faux pas: I was shopping and just walking around minding my own biz and next thing I know, my blue slip is showing! My top scarf had slid around and instead of covering me like a wrap-around, it only covered my left hip... Ha! Good thing I wore a slip.

Tee: H&M (current)
Scarves as skirt: H&M (last year)
Sandals: Forever21
Bracelets: vintage


  1. So can we talk about how super pretty your hair is, because is totally is! You've totally got princess locks here. All you need is a lovely little crown. :)

    Your skirt is made of scarves?! Girl, you are creative. That's pretty neat, and I wouldn't have guessed you were wearing a scarf-skirt. :) And I love love the metallic detail on the back of those shoes for some fun!

  2. I loved that post of Tieka's too! Didn't know you lived in the same town!
    It's still a gorgeous place for photos without the blossoms! Love these. And your skirt is so pretty, I can't believe you made it from scarves, it looks amazing!

  3. A scarf skirt! I never would have known, and it's a terrifically cute idea. You look wonderful! :)


  4. Absolutely love this outfit, and the location! Even if the flowers have bloomed and gone already! We made it for the white blossoms, but I think the pink blossoms were all done at Robinette's in GR! Bummer! But anyway, happy weekend!! xo

  5. Those are just two scarves?!?!?! They look AMAZING as a skirt!! Love love the print and the colors! And the backdrop looks very pretty as well :)


  6. Love the print on that skirt. Pretty!

  7. I love the skirt and it looks great with the mint top. I also love how beautiful the scenery around you looks.

    Great blog!
    xoxo Jackie

  8. Your skirt is gorgeous
    and its just from scarves... you can do magic.
    And your shoes are lovely.

  9. The photos are still beautiful! Your hair is amazing - how did you do that?


  10. Great outfit, you look very pretty.

    PS: Please go visit my blog and follow me if you like it. I am new in this world and I am loving it =)

  11. This mint look is great on you! I love that you mixed a pattern into it...thanks for linking up to the Trend Spin :)


    The Fashion Canvas

  12. Wow! Gorgeous draped skirt <3

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