Missing Michigan

I was raised in the Mitten of Michigan. For over 10 years, I called Grand Rapids my home. And then life happened: I went away to college, got married, moved away for my job, moved away for his.... and on and on. But Michigan is still my home. I haven't been there to visit in 9 months! I could have had a baby in that time! Jeepers. I miss my parents like whoa. I miss my high school girlfriends and my awesome cousins!

Since I haven't had an opportunity to take any outfit shots since packing up our last apartment and moving over the weekend, I thought I would show you some older photos. These are from the Summer of 2010. My maid of honor and bestie Brittany is featured here. We had a photo shoot at the Frederick Meijer Botanical Gardens during the Chihuly exhibit.

Koi Pond

Capturing Britt's wild side

Behind a waterfall

Biiiig Chihuly bling!

We found Alice's little door

Mr. Grumpy Gills

"Hey... You want some Chihuly?"

Resting my feet in the soft grass

Leonardo's horse

Run for your liiiiiiiiife!

Miss this girl! <3

It's funny that these photos are 2 whole years before I started my blog! I guess it was always meant to be!

Shirt: Maurices
Skirt: thrifted
Heels: Madden Girl


  1. You both look so cute! awesome photos!


  2. It's pretty wild how quickly time passes. I almost can't believe we're coming up on spring again already (although I'm not sad about that). I like Mr. Grumpy Gills (a lot).

  3. pretty skirt )
    awesome top )

    Angela Donava

  4. I grew up on a few different continents and I've moved around a lot my whole life, so I can understand the sentiment of missing friends and family. You looked gorgeous then, and you're still gorgeous now; I guess some things never change? ;)


  5. Such pretty photos! You girls looked like you had a lot of fun. I've never moved around a lot, but after I graduate I guess its fair game. I do want to move to Europe for a bit, but thats a different story :P xo

  6. Cute pictures!!! I want to travel more!