Farm Shows and Other Things I'll Never Understand

On Friday, Abe (my husband), SarahJean (my bestie), and I attended our first Harrisburg Farm Show. Living in rural South-Central PA, one hears of these farm shows as one might hear of Fashion Week in NYC! It is once or twice a year and people come from all over...
There is even a need to dress accordingly.

But there is one main difference from Fashion Week: butter. 
On the overhead sound system, if ever someone was lost, we would hear it announced like this: "Norma K, please meet your family by the butter sculpture." or "Fred J, your party is waiting for you at the butter sculpture."

We went, because we were curious. We went, because we heard the milkshakes were famous (they were pretty good). We went, but we probably won't ever go again.

We just aren't farm people. Sure I had a plaid shirt and cowgirl boots on. But I also had all my teeth! Ha ok that was mean...

We did have a good time, but mostly because we were enjoying each others company. And there were horses!

That's one biiiiig rig!

Abe wouldn't wear flannel, so he wore a beer hat! lol

Plants in boots...

Neat gutter irrigation gardening display

Kisses through their stalls <3

"Hey Guys!"

SJ and her new BFF, he is starting to stick his tongue out!

Lady rider and her awesome boots!

Don't get me wrong though, if I had a horse and a chicken and bees and a lavender field, I'd be one happy girl. It's just gotta be near a shopping mall! :P

P.S. We never did find the butter sculpture!

Shirt: JCP
Skirt: unknown NYC shop
Belt: vintage
Boots: borrowed from a friend


  1. That last picture of you is beautiful, Naomi! And now I just want to ride a horse. Happy Monday!

  2. Ha! loving these pictures. and that skirt is soooo beautiful!

    Great blog; you've got yourself a new follower.

    Lots of love; Pauline

  3. Great post! LOVE that skirt! SO gorg! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  4. Perfectly country of you. We have a lot of farm shows in Kansas. This past summer we went to the country fair, honestly just for the funnel cakes. I love funnel cakes. But we looked at all the sheep, cow, horses - all in some sort of animal beauty/breeding contests. It smells fairly fowl. But then again, you meet fun, interesting people! We all love our country side :)


  5. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)


  6. This post reminds me of taking people to the county fair and watching the animal auctions. It's something I'd never seen before, but I don't know if I want to watch the 4h auction again. Your pictures are great.


  7. oh my goodness, adore this outfit. You look amazing. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


  8. Okay, so I've been blog hopping instead of sleeping for about two hours now! They were all starting to look the same- but yours is really funny and cute. Following you now;D Take care~!~

  9. you look great!Love your writing!


  10. haha fun!! loving the lace skirt!