Just Can't Stop

Ok, I know I just put up a post with my rad-tastic pink heels, but I couldn't resist wearing them again!
I took these pics on my last chance before the "BIG" snow we had that lasted all of one day...
Yea, people in PA tend to over-react about flurries.

But it was freezing out!
I would dash to my coat between every shot and my hands were numb by the time I was done!

And speaking of dashing, I drove out to this little covered bridge (first seen here) and parked my car on the only road that leads to and from the bridge to the main road. 
Well this huge construction truck started barreling out of the woods toward the main road, where my car just happened to be blocking!
So I had to haul ass and run back to my wheels, lugging my tripod and pink shoes and all the while this truck driver is watching me and probably so confused to see me!
Cheers to the good times of the past, and of the present, and the future!
Happy New Year!

Dress: thrifted
Shoes: Forever 21

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  1. awesome location for your pics! Cheers to 2013. x


  2. love that dress. happy new year! Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  3. Gorgeous dress, and such cute shoes! Great blog, come by on mine if you have time, we could follow each other?

  4. I love your dress, very pretty! Love the colors!

  5. UUhhh- I'm a huge fan of floral vintage dresses! This totally reminds - I need to go thrift shopping again ;) Love this floral print on you! It reminds me of the floral prints ERDEM did for prefall ;) XO, Kat