A Stroll in the Park

I love it when my husband takes the pictures for the blog.
The life!
It's so different from my usual: set timer, run, pose, click.
These are taken after church on Sunday before we went out to see "Skyfall" with our friend Yens.
I changed into jeans and a hoodie for the theatre because I always freeze during movies!!
I can't remember the last time I wore a hoodie... 
Anyhoo.... LIFE!

We parked behind this pavilion so I had to hoof it to the park.

Abe thought this the perfect rock for sitting, I objected to it's filth but sat nonetheless.

I declare this to be the most painful shot. The sun burned my eyeballs out!!!

I just love this one. The gazebo is so lovely.

New tights! I just had to get them as I love bows so so soooooo much!

And heading back to the car :)

Can you believe it's only Tuesday?
I have been working 6 out of these 7 days and am SO ready for a day off on Thursday!

Coat: Ellen Tracy via Marshall's
Blazer: Worthington for JCP (old)
Tank: Isaac Mizrahi for Target (old)
Dress: Marshall's
Tights: Emilio Cavallini via Century 21 in NY (similar)
Clutch: thrifted
Shoes: F21  


  1. Those tights are soo cool! What a fun and unexpected twist to the outfit!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  2. the bows on your tights are a nice little detail :) it's always nicer to have someone else take your picture rather than use a timer, isn't it?!

  3. I LOVE the red skirt and your clutch! So cute! And 6 out of 7 days??? Are you crazy? I hope those weren't 12 hour shifts! Yikes!!!!

    1. Unfortunately yes, they were all 12's! It was my holiday to work, and my weekend... But I made it out alive! Too bad none of it was OT!

  4. love that red! definitely following
    Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  5. Those tights are amazing!

    xo Jennifer


  6. Your tights are too cute! Movie theaters are always so cold!


  7. This is a very pretty outfit. I love the white coat with the a-line skirt and tights!