Apples to Apples

Below are a mix of my and SarahJean's photograph of a recent apple picking adventure with her mom and cousin Tessa.

Snow White's apple

SJ creepin to get a good one!

Looking lovely with a fruit of our labors :P

I'm in love with this red tree! So vibrant in person!

An empty strawberry field

Peach trees sans fruit

Overlooking the orchard

Apples are so photogenic!

Low hanging fruit

My favorite picture I took. The filtered sunlight is so warm

BEES!! I want to raise my own bees when I have my own house

Sittin pretty with my spoils in bag

SJ looking pensive in this rustic barn

I like busted windows for some reason.

So many apples! Hooray!

Mama Jean in back, and Tessa, me and SarahJean!


I was wearing:
Dress: thrifted 
Sweater: NY & Company
Sunglasses: F21
Shoes: SJ's
Bag: handmade by grammy


  1. ahh love apple picking! that view looks gorgeous!


  2. Nomnom nom i love apples and apple picking hope you had fun.
    Will you bake a cake (maybe apple pie? i love apple pie, if you do post a picture)
    Nice dress by the way it looks really cute

    xoxo Minnie

  3. lovely photos, dear! I am your bloglovin follower for a while now!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. aw fun! those apple look delish, and I bet it was so fun being able to pick them yourself! that bright red barn is awesome!!

  5. This looks SO fun! Wish we had an orchard in Los Angeles. Thanks for stopping by the blog :)

    Pursuit of Shoes