Try to Make it Real

My lovely friend Sarah Jean and I had a girl's day Saturday.
We had English tea and biscuits for breakfast, went garage sale shopping, ate burgers at an Irish pub for lunch, and then went on a photo shoot with my husband's 35mm Canon Rebel. 
I had found a roll of film in one of my vanity's drawers.
I imagined it to be old, and it was. 
Usually Abe's camera takes quite gorgeous pictures. 
These remind me of "real" Instagrams! Haha
They came out dark, but it was actually a gorgeous day.
We both got a little sunburn on our shoulders.

We were driving around her neighborhood and came upon this neat brick wall. 
I yelled, "Stop! Photo Op!" and we ran out, left the car idling, snapped some the above and below shots, and drove away... 
Cackling like hyenas.

Lunch outside the pub.
Our next stop was to SJ's friend's house. 
We stopped purely for the lovely garden and lawn.
They weren't home, so we photo stalked with their dogs.

The chickens! Not pictured is the cute pink and purple coop

There is a large amount of wooded area behind the yard, so we had to explore.

What does poison ivy look like again? :P


Sarah's senior picture moment

After leaving the lovely home in the woods, we went to a little state park I never knew existed.
I was beyond thrilled to see sail boats and a lake!!
Since leaving my home in Michigan, I haven't had any trips to any size body of water.
Next time, we'll swim.

The End!

Dress: Thrift
Belt: vintage, gift from grandma
Sandals: Candie's from Kohls
Bow pin: vintage from garage sale
Purse in 2nd pic: Forever21

SarahJean's dress: homemade by SarahJean!


  1. i absolutely love this!


  2. The pictures have a vintage effect! I like that very much! And that garden looks amazing!

  3. Great pics and location!
    New outfit on my blog, check it out!