Obligatory: About Me

I talk a lot... Though sometimes not at all. 

I'm presently 25yrs old. Married to a cute boy I've known since I was 10yrs younger. We live in a rented house in a quiet Pennsylvanian town. I am by day a Pediatric RN, by night a pastry chef/ fashionista/ dress designer. But aren't we all? Well maybe not the "day" job. But certainly the WWW is filled with millions of ladies who strive to get their blog recognized and make a name for themselves. I hope I don't appear as such. I just need a creative outlet and thought I'd give this ol' writing thing a whirl. I love the girly pretty things. I love the feeling of pie dough under my fingernails. I love rain storms and wine.

Today is DAY ONE of this blog. Let's see where the interwebs lead, shall we? 

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