Dressy Dinner Date

I have come to treasure the random blocks of time I get to spend with my husband lately. Abe has been working 40-50hrs/week during the day and evening. I am working the overnight shift this month so I sleep until 3pm or so and then work all night. We have days were we just don't see each other!

We knew this week would be hectic, so we scheduled a date night where we went out to a new restaurant and just enjoyed each other's company. The food wasn't even that good, but that didn't matter.

How do you stay connected with your loved ones during a busy day/week/month?

Coat: Ellen Tracy via Marshall's
Dress: Tocca via Gilt
Belt: Target
Tights & Boots: Old Navy


  1. Such a gorgeous look, wonderful outfit!


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  3. Love your coat. Such a nice and dainty color.
    Great post. There was one week last year when I was so busy I didn't talk to my husband for a full week. :(


  4. This dress is such a pretty pattern and colors! A date night sounds so nice especially if you hardly see each other - that's always hard.

  5. Lovely outfit, lady! I'm especially loving those tights - super cute. And geesh, I know what you mean - my husband is in his first year of med school. I see him in the morning (if he leaves after I get up), for about 30-45 minutes during dinnertime, and then at night (if he gets home before I go to bed). And they say it only gets worse during his second year :( We make it do, though. At least one night a week we do date nights! They are, by far, my favorite night of the week.

  6. you look so elegant! love your dress and your cozy coat!

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