There was an old lady...

...who lived in a shoe!
And it probably resembled this one.
This Shoe House used to be a bed an breakfast, but is now just a little museum of sorts.
My sisters, brother in law, nephews, and I explored it over the weekend!

My sisters Rachel (pink) and Sarah, brother-in-law Paul, and nephews Taylor (L) and Aiden (R)

Sarah by the dog's house! It used to be for a very large dog.

Everything was shoe themed, even the birdhouses!

Dog house again. Notice the shoes on the fence?

Thanks for coming to visit!

Dress: Target (similar)
Belt: vintage from grammy
Headband, purse, and sunglasses: F21
Necklace: flea market find


Deep Cleanse

My older sister, her husband, and my twin nephews are coming in for a weekend visit from North Carolina!
That means there will be crawling and chewing and licking....
So I better baby proof this apartment and get it guest ready!

A'la Elvgren of course!



Coral and Gold

Ah Monday!
I have this lovely, sunny day off!
And so does Abe!
That's pretty rare, so we spent the afternoon together... at the bookstore!
I got "The Time Traveler's Wife" because I enjoyed the movie, and Abe bought "48 Laws of Power" because he is a nerd like that :P
But I love him, he's my nerd.
He took this photo of me after our shopping spree.
Honestly it wasn't a spree. 
We went to one store and back home again!

Hope you are having a great start to your week as I am.

Dress: TJ Maxx
Earrings: Vintage from grandma


You over there with the Wind in your hair

Happy Saturday!
It's the weekend for most people, myself not included.
That's right, I made this post yesterday an delayed publishing until today!
So sneaky!

It was super bright!

Climbing trees

I hope your weekend is delightful!

Top: Target
Shorts: H&M
Boots: Old Navy
Bracelets: assorted gifts
Earrings: Charlotte Russe


Welcome Home Cake

My husband recently had a conference in Orlando and returned a couple days ago. 
I missed him dreadfully!
I wanted to welcome him home to a nice dinner and dessert.
I made burritos for supper and this cake for our treat. 
Unfortunately, he wasn't able to eat anything because he caught a stomach bug from one of his traveling companions!
I just couldn't let it go uneaten!
So I ate a slice, or two...

Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Cake

I used this Hungry Girl recipe for the cake.
It's one boxed cake mix, a 6 oz cup of plain greek yogurt, and 1 cup of water.
It was pretty thick to stir, so I think I ended up adding a few Tbsp more water. 
I split the mix in half between two cake pans.
I really had to spread the mix into the pan, it was like the texture of a mousse.

I baked it in a 350* oven for about 25 minutes. 
I made sure to rotate the two pans halfway through for even baking.

While the two halves cooled, I got to work on my frostings!
Yes, plural.
In the middle, between the cake layers, I spread this fabulous peanut butter frosting.
I quartered the recipe though as I would only need a little bit for the middle.

The top and sides of the cake I frosted with banana frosting.
That was the hardest part of the cake: finding a recipe!
I didn't want to have to go out to the store for pudding or whipped topping, so I was happy to fall upon one that fit my needs.

Based on this recipe, I made a delicious banana frosting.
I used salted butter instead of Crisco.
I also mashed by bananas (about 1.5 bananas) with a tsp of lemon juice.
3 cups of powdered sugar still left the frosting runny, I had to add another half cup.
I then refrigerated it for about an hour to firm up more.

As you can see, my kitchen was still to warm!
The cakes were completely cooled, the frosting chilled, but it is summer.
I only had to frost the top as the frosting dripped down the sides on its own. 
I threw some chopped peanuts (err... cashews! haha) on top for decoration and then put the whole thing back into my fridge.

Yum! I just love this combo of flavors!


Try to Make it Real

My lovely friend Sarah Jean and I had a girl's day Saturday.
We had English tea and biscuits for breakfast, went garage sale shopping, ate burgers at an Irish pub for lunch, and then went on a photo shoot with my husband's 35mm Canon Rebel. 
I had found a roll of film in one of my vanity's drawers.
I imagined it to be old, and it was. 
Usually Abe's camera takes quite gorgeous pictures. 
These remind me of "real" Instagrams! Haha
They came out dark, but it was actually a gorgeous day.
We both got a little sunburn on our shoulders.

We were driving around her neighborhood and came upon this neat brick wall. 
I yelled, "Stop! Photo Op!" and we ran out, left the car idling, snapped some the above and below shots, and drove away... 
Cackling like hyenas.

Lunch outside the pub.
Our next stop was to SJ's friend's house. 
We stopped purely for the lovely garden and lawn.
They weren't home, so we photo stalked with their dogs.

The chickens! Not pictured is the cute pink and purple coop

There is a large amount of wooded area behind the yard, so we had to explore.

What does poison ivy look like again? :P


Sarah's senior picture moment

After leaving the lovely home in the woods, we went to a little state park I never knew existed.
I was beyond thrilled to see sail boats and a lake!!
Since leaving my home in Michigan, I haven't had any trips to any size body of water.
Next time, we'll swim.

The End!

Dress: Thrift
Belt: vintage, gift from grandma
Sandals: Candie's from Kohls
Bow pin: vintage from garage sale
Purse in 2nd pic: Forever21

SarahJean's dress: homemade by SarahJean!