Rainey Day

Don't you just hate it when the rain interrupts your plans?
My sister-in-law, Lucy and I bought matching polka dot shoes and planned to wear them on the same day and go out into Lancaster and go shopping. 
But then that morning, it was raining. 
And the forecast called for rain all day.
We still got gussied up, but we didn't go shopping :(

I was able to take a few pictures in the late afternoon when the rain let up for a little while. 
I think I had just stepped back inside and it started to sprinkle again!

We later went downtown for some drinks with friends and escaped the downpour by hiding in a gay bar and karaoke-ing!! 
It was great fun!
Oh and it was a a random night in the middle of the week which made it even more spontaneous and fun.
And this is what I wore!
If I had known that after some drinks with our friends, that we'd hit the gay scene, I would have dressed up a little more... 
Oh C'est la Vie!

Here fishie, fishie!

My landlady's gold fish

Loving my floral and polka dots!

I decided to take my hair down. Whatevss

New kicks!

Walking through the front of the garden while my landlady is on vacation. :P

Looking at rain clouds in the distance

That's all folks!
Happy Tuesday!

Shirt: JCP (old)
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Guess via Marshall's
Earrings: vintage


  1. Shoes are adorable!!!!

    I love polka dots.

    CHANEL handbag on www.fashion-a-holic.com

  2. Cute polka dotted heels!


  3. I love how you mixed the patterns of the heels and the skirt - great look!

  4. You have the cutest outfits on here! I want those shoes!!! :) So much fun. I hear tell there is going to be a whole lot of rain coming my way this weekend. Bummmmmerrrrr. I may need a paddle to wade myself out of my apt!

  5. love the simplicity of the outfit, your skirt is so pretty!
    your so beautiful :)