Wiggle Wiggle Dress

It has been such a gorgeous week! I can't help but wear a dress when the sun is out and hotter than a Two Dollar Pistol! Naw in all honesty, I just like to show off my legs now that I've lost some weight. 

I had to let my husband use my car to drive to school on Wednesday. So since I thought I would be indoors all day, I felt I should get all gussied up for myself. Then my friend called me up and offered to pick me up to go to lunch together. So this is what I wore to lunch with Kaitlyn.

That swoop on my head is supposed to be a Victory Roll hair doo... supposed...

My newest shoe purchase!

The last time I wore this dress was at my college graduation in 2008!

Stay cool, cats!

Dress: JCP (old)
Shoes: Guess from TJ Maxx
Purse: Thrifted


  1. Hi girly! Thanks for stopping by :) You look gawgeous in these pics! Love, love that dress and your hair is beautious. Seriously long too! wow. I love your header. OMG I.want.a.piece.right.now.

    1. Thanks Jeaninybob! Ha, my hair is wicked long again. Maybe time to chop it off? How's FL?