On a typical day off, most people would prefer to lounge in comfy clothes because they had been in work attire all week.
I am a bit different. 
Seeing as I wear scrubs when I'm on the job, I miss dressing up!
I try to make up for it by wearing a dress or skirt even if I have no plans to leave my house. 

This outfit is my version of nautical chic pattern mixing.
The belt is actually a tassel that I wore for high school graduation!
I'm glad I've kept it all these years.

It was super hot when I was taking these pics, so I felt I should have my hair up. Also the top is cute in the back, so I didn't want to hide it by wearing my hair down. This hairstyle was pretty simple to do. I just formed the waves while my hair was wet, pinned them in place, and spritzed with hairspray! The back is basically a bun except twisted into a figure 8. 

The hubby said it looks like it's from the 1920's. 

Resting in the garden


Doesn't my hair look so short?!

Shirt: Francesca's
Skirt: thrifted dress altered
belt: graduation tassel
shoes: JCP Worthington (old)
earrings: gift from cousin Fran