Firelight Camps and the Fingerlakes

This past Sunday marked 6 years since Abe and I tied the knot. If you recall from my Anniversary Countdown last year, we celebrate each year by going through the alphabet. The first year was A, second year was B... and so on. So this year, being 6 whole years as a married couple, we had the letter F to find something to do or place to go.  We initially were going to go to Fire Island in NY, but their season ended prior to when we would be able to get there.  So the runner up choice was to go see the Fingerlakes in upstate NY.  After deciding on a destination, we had to chose our lodgings.  Abe and I being the adventuresome duo that we are, we really wanted to find a place to camp and hike.  I happen upon the Firelight Camps at the La Tourelle Resort & Spa when I searched for campgrounds.  The photos on their website blew me away, I knew we had to stay there!  Firelight is not your typical campground with RV and tents site, guys.  This place was a legit heaven amongst the trees.  A real live glamping experience.

I didn't realize how new the glampground was. I had booked our tent a few months in advance not knowing that they had just opened in August!  We felt like we had stumbled upon a gold nugget in this camp.  Our stay was the best mini-honeymoon we could have asked for.  It did happen to rain both nights off and on, but that didn't dampen our spirits!  The site owner and manager, Scott, welcomed us with umbrellas, lanterns, and wine.  After Abe informed him I am expecting, I was privy to sample any of the local root beers, ginger beers, sodas, etc. that he had to offer. The site is located on the southern tip of Ithaca, NY, so I chose the local Ithaca RootBeer! Mmm I still crave it!

I'll let some of the pictures do the talking now. ;)

We just arrived and settled into our tent! My hair was soaked and doing a funny curly thing. But I'm all smiles with my Ithaca Rootbeer!

Each tent is equipped with a King or Queen size bed, a desk with chair, and a comfy chair.  The larger tents also offer a couch and other furnishings. The wine was complimentary because of the rain!

Seriously the most comfy bed ever. Even though it got to be in the 50's at night, we were nice and warm under the luscious covers and quilts. We never turned on the propane powered space heater!

The next morning's view of our tent's porch. Below the deck is a babbling stream that served as a wonderful lullaby to fall asleep to.

I enjoyed reading and taking in the sights and sounds of the woods from the porch. So peaceful!

There are a few ponds on the La Tourelle premises. This one is the front pond. I love the reflection of the yellow barn in the calm waters with the trees in the middle!

From the other side of the pond, there is a cute little gazebo. How adorable to have an afternoon tea, maybe?

If staying in a tent isn't your thing, there are several rooms to chose from at the La Tourelle Resort Hotel.  We only saw the main lobby and outside, but it looks lovely on the website.

This cute tower was marked "400" so I'm guessing that it is on of the rooms you could stay in. How fun would that be!

Just beside the Hotel is this huge chess board set on the lawn! It was never a good time for us to play a game, but I had to snap a pic nonetheless.

Another little gazebo and a even smaller pond.

I just realized I forgot to take any photos of the Welcome Tent where we had breakfast, evening campfires and s'mores, bocce ball, hammocks, etc! In all honesty, the weather conditions were not ideal at night to photograph the tent all lit up. After our first night in our tent, we were pleased to see that there was a hiking trail that connected from our camp all the way to the Buttermilk Falls State Park. We set out on it after our yummy complimentary breakfast while the sun was still trying to peek it's way through the clouds.

There were hundreds of stairs to climb and descend in order to circumnavigate the lake and falls. But look how gorgeous are the gorges!

Another babbling brook

The view of Lake Tremain at the Buttermilk Falls State Park. Look at that reflection!

My adorable hubby, my mountain man! And more stairs... :P

Crossing a small river/big stream to keep going around the lake.

The bridge was a perfect spot for a maternity style photo shoot! Haha!

Abe above the gorge that feeds the Buttermilk Falls which get their name for the color of the cascading water.

A fellow hiker offered to snap a photo of us! Can you see my budding belly bump? I swear it got larger after our trip!

After our hike around the lake and Buttermilk Falls, we found our way back to the camp despite the trail being practically hidden by fallen leaves! We, well mostly me, were starving after that so we headed into Ithaca's downtown scene for lunch. I reallllllly wanted a bagel and lox and we found it at College Town Bagels. I guess it's a staple eatery for the college students at Cornell, which is also in Ithaca.  After satisfying my craving, we stopped at a antique store, picked up a vintage Peter Rabbit book for our baby, and then hopped back in our car and set off to see another waterfall!

This is the Taughannock Falls that are along the western side of Cayuga Lake. It looks small, but it is actually 3 stories taller than the famous Niagara falls!

This is me without makeup! We packed very light for our trip, so that meant no makeup for me.

The mister and I above the Taughannock Falls. We didn't hike to the bottom of the falls because I was hiked out by then, but the overlook where we parked provided a remarkable view!

On our way back to our tent, we drove past this clearing with a decent view of Cayuga Lake. We visited two of the 11 fingerlakes on our journey. This one and Lake Seneca.

That concludes our second day of our trip! (Our first day was pretty much just driving the 4 hours from Harrisburg to Ithaca and all the winding, scenic roads. Then after checking in to our tent, we went to a fine dinner at John Thomas, then roasted s'mores over the campfire, then went to bed.) The second day was much more fun-filled and adventuresome.  After seeing the Taughannock Falls, we went back to the tent, napped, and then went out for authentic NY pizza just down the road from our glampground. We were in bed by 10pm! It was a fun, but exhausting day, especially for this preggo!

Next up, our last day in the Fingerlakes region on NY. We mainly just checked out, then went to another state park, then drove home.  But the pictures we took of that park are remarkable!

To be continued...

P.S. During our stay, we found out how much of an up and coming luxury spot Firelight Camps was! Here are some links from VOGUE and SELF magazine. Also be on the lookout for a review in The Wall Street Journal as our tent neighbor on the second night was a journalist!

**I was not compensated for my opinions. Photography by myself and my husband except the one of us taken by a fellow hiker.**


That's My Jam!

It's been so tricky to get dressed lately. In the morning, it is chilly and in the afternoon it is hot! I wore this outfit to my morning class and by the time it got out, I had ditch the cardigan just to cool off. Blame it on the changing seasons and the changing hormones in my body!

I've decided I'm going to try not to buy any maternity jeans and see if I can just wear my usual clothes for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I already have a lil bump poppin out, so I couldn't button these jeans! But I found these neat belly bands that I have started to wear with my tighter jeans. I bought two and hope they'll last another 4 months!

Other than a growing belly, dressing for fall is my favorite! I love to layer and wear boots! And it's usually nicer outside to take photos. Hopefully that means I'll get back to posting regularly, but no promises ;)

Cardigan: thrifted
Tank: Coco&Liz
Belly Band: The BellyButton
Jeans: thrifted (last seen here) (similar)
Boots: Old Navy (similar)


Birthday Tidings of Joy


So it was my 28th birthday on the 3rd! The hubby and I had a celebratory BOGO burrito at Qdoba ;) and then relaxed at home, watched some X-Files, then ate cake! I had made a vegan zucchini cake last month and it yielded a lot of cake batter, so I made a round pan and a loaf pan at the time and saved the big round pan in the freezer and then thawed it for my birthday cake, complete with a fudgey chocolatey frosting. Yum!

 It was a busy week, work and school wise, so we really celebrated my birthday the following Friday and went to the York County Fair. I got to have funnel cake for the first time and it was even pumpkin spiced! So good! And then I ate my weight in salt water taffy. #noregrets!

Also on my birthday, I made a special announcement to my friends and family on Facebook with the following photo:

I'm gonna be a mommy in March! We're so freakin over the moon that our little bundle of joy is cooking! We were able to tell our parents and close friends in Michigan back in August, so it was nice to have our secret until I was further along to tell everyone else our awesome news. Also, I just found out yesterday that my older sister is 4 weeks along in her second pregnancy!! I'm sure her twin boys will be awesome big brothers. And we get to be preggers together and hopefully take some cute maternity photos over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Can you tell it's been a busy summer over here? I wouldn't change a thing :)

First Outfit
Top: Old Navy (exact)
Skirt: thrifted (similar)
Sandals: Target (similar)

Second Outfit
Dress: Maurices (similar)



Oh this dress, how I have a love/hate relationship with it! It wrinkles like no ones business and it has about a half-a-million hooks to close it up the front that are super time consuming!

I bought it last summer but never wore it because I was 15lbs heavier and was not as confident with my body. Now it's a little loose around the middle when I finally feel good about myself! And it's one of those colors that makes me look mega pale.

But I love the flowy drape, the corset style back, the cute tab sleeves, and I kinda like the hooks.

It was the perfect dress to year yesterday to feel like a lady again. I've been slacking on the whole getting-dressed thing and have been wearing the same old jeans and tees on my days off. That's what working the night shift does to me! And that's about it for this post, I try to at least show my face once a month ;) Next week, my hubby and sister and I are driving to Michigan to visit our parents and friends and families. I can not wait!

Dress: KarmaLoop (old)
Headband: Forever 21
Bracelet: Lulu's
Heels: Guess